Late-Stage Fluorination of Bioactive Molecules and Biologically-Relevant Substrates

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Late-Stage Fluorination of Bioactive Molecules and Biologically-Relevant Substrates reviews how the use of these techniques on compounds with already known and relevant biological activity can provide new pharmaceutical leads with improved medicinal properties. The fluorination strategies discussed take into account both conventional and novel reagents, including nucleophilic, electrophilic, those of a radical nature, and diverse families of organic compounds, such as (hetero) aromatic rings and aliphatic substrates. Drawing on the authors' expert knowledge, this book provides researchers with a broad set of applicable methods to use in their work.

1. Introduction and Highlights 2. 18F radiolabeling of bioactive compounds 3. Electrophilic and oxidative fluorination of aromatic compounds 4. Enantioselective fluorination 5. Visible-Light-Mediated C-F bond Activation 6. Photocatalytic fluorination reactions 7. Fluorination of allylic positions towards the synthesis of fluorinated bioactive compounds 8. Difluoromethylation of Bioactive Compounds 9. Fluorination of Bioactive Compounds by Electron Transfer Reactions 10. Fluorine-Containing Pharmaceuticals and the Phenomenon of Self-Disproportionation of Enantiomers (SDE)

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