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The Guide to Oilwell Fishing Operations

Tools, Techniques, and Rules of Thumb
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Joe P. Degeare
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Unpredictable, unwanted, and costly, oil and gas well fishing is not a typical practice for drilling, workover and completion projects, but roughly one in every five wells experience this intervention. To stay on top, The Guide to Oilwell Fishing Operations, Second Edition will keep fishing tool product managers, drilling managers and all other well intervention specialists keyed in to all the latest tools, techniques and rules of thumb critical to conventional and complex wellbore projects, such as extended reach horizontal wells, thru-tubing, and coiled tubing operations.
1. Conventional Fishing 2. Communication and Avoiding Hazards 3. Economics of Fishing 4. Cardinal Rules of Fishing  5. Pipe Sticking 6. Determining Stuck Point 7. Parting the Pipe String 8. Catch Tools  9. Jarring Stuck Pipe or Tools 10. Washover Operations 11. Loose Junk Fishing 12. Mills and Rotary Shoes 13. Wireline Fishing 14. Retrieving Stuck Packers 15. Fishing in Cavities 16. Sidetracking Methods 17. Section and Pilot Milling 18. Repair of Casing Failures and Leaks 19. Fishing in High-Angle Deviated and Horizontal Wells 20. Plug-and-Abandon Operations 21. Miscellaneous Tools 22. Thru-Tubing Standard Tools 23. Thru-Tubing Fishing 24. Thru-Tubing Fishing Jars and Accelerators  25. Thru-Tubing Debris Catchers 26. Thru-Tubing Workover Motors 27. Thru-Tubing Milling  28. Thru-Tubing Underreaming 29. Coiled-Tubing Conveyed-Tubing and Drill Pipe Cutting 30. Thru-Tubing Impact Drilling 31. Precautionary Measures and Inspection  32. Major Service Providers 33. Downhole Video Cameras

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