Commercial Airplane Design Principles

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Commercial Airplane Design Principles is a succinct, focused text covering all the information required at the preliminary stage of aircraft design: initial sizing and weight estimation, fuselage design, engine selection, aerodynamic analysis, stability and control, drag estimation, performance analysis, and economic analysis.The text places emphasis on making informed choices from an array of competing options, and developing the confidence to do so.
  1. Market Survey and Mission Specification
  2. Preliminary Weight Estimation
  3. Fuselage Design
  4. Engine Selection
  5. Wing Design
  6. Tail Design
  7. Landing Gear Design
  8. Refined Weight and Balance Estimate
  9. Drag Estimation
  10. Aircraft Performance
  11. Aircraft Pricing and Economics

Appendix A: Airfoil Characteristics

Appendix B: Atmospheric Properties

Appendix C: Airfoil and Wing Theory and Analysis

Appendix D: Critical Mach Number Curves

Appendix E: Units and Conversion Factors

Appendix F: General Database for Commercial Aircraft

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