Interpreting Biomedical Science

Experiment, Evidence, and Belief
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Science Methodology and What Can Go Wrong: An Interdisciplinary Approach discusses what can go wrong in biological science, providing an unbiased view and cohesive understanding of scientific methods, statistics, data interpretation, and scientific ethics that are illustrated with practical examples and real-life applications. . Casting a wide net, the reader is exposed to scientific problems and solutions through informed perspectives from history, philosophy, sociology, and the social psychology of science. . The book shows the differences and similarities between disciplines and different eras and illustrates the concept that while sound methodology is necessary for the progress of science, we cannot succeed without a right culture of doing things.

Part 1 THE STAKE 1. Is biomedical science working? 2. The basis of knowledge: causality and truth

Part 2 THE METHOD 3. Study Design 4. Data and evidence 5. Belief Conclusion to Part 2

Part 3. THE REAL WORLD 7. Scientists are people too 8. What can we do about it?

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