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Nonlinear Optimization of Vehicle Safety Structures

Modeling of Structures Subjected to Large Deformations
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Jesper Christensen
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1. Vehicle Architectures, Structures and Safety Requirements

Nonlinear Optimization of Vehicle Safety Structures: Modeling of Structures Subjected to Large Deformations provides a cutting-edge overview of the latest optimization methods for vehicle structural design. The book focuses on large deformation structural optimization algorithms and applications, covering the basic principles of modern day topology optimization and comparing the benefits and flaws of different algorithms in use.

The complications of non-linear optimization are highlighted, along with the shortcomings of recently proposed algorithms. Using industry relevant case studies, users will how optimization software can be used to address challenging vehicle safety structure problems and how to explore the limitations of the approaches given. The authors draw on research work with the likes of MIRA, Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors European Technology Centre as part of multi-million pound European funded research projects, emphasizing the industry applications of recent advances.

The book is intended for crash engineers, restraints system engineers and vehicle dynamics engineers, as well as other mechanical, automotive and aerospace engineers, researchers and students with a structural focus.

  • Focuses on non-linear, large deformation structural optimization problems relating to vehicle safety
  • Discusses the limitations of different algorithms in use and offers guidance on best practice approaches through the use of relevant case studies
  • Author's present research from the cutting-edge of the industry, including research from leading European automotive companies and organizations
  • Uses industry relevant case studies, allowing users to understand how optimization software can be used to address challenging vehicle safety structure problems and how to explore the limitations of the approaches given

Jesper Christensen is a Senior Research Fellow at Coventry University, and holds a PhD in Structural Optimisation, an MSc in Design of Mechanical Systems as well as a BSc in Industrial Engineering. Prior to his engineering degrees Jesper completed an apprenticeship as an engine fitter working with large marine propulsion systems. His entire academic career has predominately focused on structural optimisation; with a particular emphasis on topology optimisation. Jesper joined Coventry University in 2010; working on the £29m Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Project (LCVTP), developing topology optimisation algorithms for lightweight vehicle structures. Following the LCVTP his focus turned to the continued development of the Mechanical Engineering MSc course at Coventry University; taking over the course leadership. In this context he primarily focused on aspects such as FE theory and application, strain gauging, metal fatigue and optimisation principles. Jesper's research activities has continued through a number of PhD students as well as a number of successful project grants, including a £780k Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (ESPSRC) research grant focusing on multiphysics simulation and optimisation, as well as a £1.6m grant for industrial based research and development project focusing on development, implementation and optimisation of a Flywheel Energy Storage System (FESS) for commercial bus applications.
Jesper is a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE), as well as being a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Ambassador; inspiring children and young adults to take up degrees and careers in STEM related areas.

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