Advanced Composite Materials for Aerospace Engineering

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1. Advanced composites in aerospace engineering 2. Advanced fibrous architectures for composites in aerospace engineering 3. Metal and ceramic matrix composites in aerospace engineering 4. Fibre-reinforced laminates in aerospace engineering 5. Sandwiched composites in aerospace engineering 6. Braided composites in aerospace engineering 7. Auxetic composites in aerospace engineering 8. Polymer nanocomposite: an advanced material for aerospace applications

9. Multi-scale composites in aerospace engineering 10. Self-sensing structural composites in aerospace engineering 11. Self-healing composites in aerospace applications 12. Natural Fibre and Polymer Matrix Composites and their Applications in Aerospace Engineering

13. Carbon/carbon composites in aerospace engineering 14.Product design for advanced composite materials in aerospace engineering 15. Quality control and testing methods for advanced composite materials in aerospace engineering 16. Conclusions and future trends
Advanced Composite Materials for Aerospace Engineering: Processing, Properties and Applications predominately focuses on the use of advanced composite materials in aerospace engineering. It discusses both the basic and advanced requirements of these materials for various applications in the aerospace sector, and includes discussions on all the main types of commercial composites that are reviewed and compared to those of metals. . Various aspects, including the type of fibre, matrix, structure, properties, modeling, and testing are considered, as well as mechanical and structural behavior, along with recent developments. There are several new types of composite materials that have huge potential for various applications in the aerospace sector, including nanocomposites, multiscale and auxetic composites, and self-sensing and self-healing composites, each of which is discussed in detail. The book's main strength is its coverage of all aspects of the topics, including materials, design, processing, properties, modeling and applications for both existing commercial composites and those currently under research or development. Valuable case studies provide relevant examples of various product designs to enhance learning.
Autor: Sohel Rana
Rana, SohelDr. Sohel Rana is currently Scientific Head at the Fibrous Materials Research Group at the University of Minho, Portugal. He has edited 3 books and authored 1 book and over 90 publications in various refereed journals and conference proceedings.

Fangueiro, Raul
Prof. Raul Fangueiro is currently Professor and researcher in the School of Engineering at the University of Minho, Head of the Fibrous Materials Research Group and Director of the Fibrenamics International Plataform. He has more than 110 published papers in international scientific journals, 320 conference publications, 36 books and 14 patents.

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Autor: Sohel Rana
ISBN-13 :: 9780081009390
ISBN: 0081009399
Erscheinungsjahr: 11.05.2016
Verlag: Elsevier Science & Technology
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Sprache: Englisch
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