The Designer's Guide to the Cortex-M Processor Family

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1. Introduction to the Cortex-M processor family 2. Developing software for the Cortex-M family 3. Cortex-M Architecture 4. Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard 5. Advanced Architectural features 6. Cortex-M7 Architecture 7. Debugging with CoreSight 8. Practical DSP for the Cortex-M4 9. Developing with CMSIS-RTOS 10. Practical RTOS Techniques 11. Test Driven Development 12. Designing Software Components 13. Closing Thoughts
The Designer's Guide to the Cortex-M Microcontrollers gives you an easy-to-understand introduction to the concepts required to develop programs in C with a Cortex-M based microcontroller. The book begins with an overview of the Cortex-M family, giving architectural descriptions supported with practical examples, enabling you to easily develop basic C programs to run on the Cortex-M0/M0+/M3 and M4 and M7. It then examines the more advanced features of the Cortex architecture such as memory protection, operating modes, and dual stack operation. . Once a firm grounding in the Cortex-M processor has been established the book introduces the use of a small footprint RTOS and the CMSIS-DSP library. The book also examines techniques for software testing and code reuse specific to Cortex-M microcontrollers. With this book you will learn: the key differences between the Cortex-M0/M0+/M3 and M4 and M7; how to write C programs to run on Cortex-M based processors; how to make the best use of the CoreSight debug system; the Cortex-M operating modes and memory protection; advanced software techniques that can be used on Cortex-M microcontrollers; how to use a Real Time Operating System with Cortex-M devices; how to optimize DSP code for the Cortex-M4; and how to build real time DSP systems.
Autor: Trevor Martin
Martin, TrevorTrevor Martin graduated from Brunel University in 1988 with an Honors degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. In the same year he began work as a Junior Hardware engineer at Philips Medical Systems. He joined Hitex in 1992 as a Technical specialist for 8 Bit Microcontroller development tools. This included the 8051,68HC1158 microcontrollers. He also gained experience with networking protocols such as CAN,USB and TCP/IP. Since 2000 he has been supporting ARM based microcontrollers, initially ARM7 and ARM9 CPU then moving to Cortex-M processor. To promote these devices he has worked closely with both NXP and ST and also TI and Freescale to a lesser extent. Since 2005 he has written a number of "Insiders Guide? Books which are introductory tutorials to ARM based microcontroller families such as LPC2000, STR9 and STM32. He also runs regular training courses, a general Cortex Microcontroller workshop and also device specific courses.

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Autor: Trevor Martin
ISBN-13 :: 9780081006290
ISBN: 0081006292
Erscheinungsjahr: 24.06.2016
Verlag: Elsevier LTD, Oxford
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