LooseLeaf for Experiencing the World's Religions

Philosophy & Religion
Tradition, Challenge, and Change
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Chapter 1. Understanding Religion What Is Religion?Patterns among ReligionsMultidisciplinary Approaches to the Study of Religion Key Critical Issues Why Study the Major Religions of the World?The JourneyChapter 2. Indigenous ReligionsDiscovering Indigenous Religions Studying Indigenous Religions: Learning from Patterns Sacred Practices in Indigenous Religions Indigenous Religions TodayChapter 3. Hinduism The Origins of Hinduism The Upanishads and the Axis Age Living Spiritually in the Everyday World Devotional Hinduism Hinduism and the Arts Hinduism: Modern ChallengesChapter 4. BuddhismThe Beginnings of Buddhism: The Life of the BuddhaThe Basic Teachings of BuddhismThe Influence of Indian Thought on Early Buddhist TeachingsThe Early Development of Buddhism Theravada Buddhism: The Way of the EldersMahayana Buddhism: The "Big Vehicle" Vajrayana Buddhism: The "Diamond Vehicle"Buddhism and the Modern WorldChapter 5. Jainism and Sikhism Shared OriginsJainism Background Mahavira and the Origins of Jainism Worldview Jain EthicsThe Development of Jainism and Its Branches Jain Practices Jain Scriptures Jain Art and Architecture Sikhism Background Nanak and the Origins of Sikhism The Worldview and Teachings of Nanak The Development of Sikhism Sikh Scriptures Sikhism and the Modern WorldChapter 6. Daoism and Confucianism Basic Elements of Traditional Chinese Beliefs Daoism The Origins of Daoism The Basic Early Teachings Daoism and the Quest for Longevity The Development of Daoism Daoism and the Arts Daoism and the Modern World ConfucianismThe Dao in ConfucianismThe Life of ConfuciusLiving According to Confucian Values Confucian Literature The Development of Confucianism Confucianism and the ArtsConfucianism and the Modern WorldChapter 7. Shinto The Origins of Shinto The Historical Development of Shinto Essentials of Shinto Belief Shinto Religious Practice Shinto and the Arts Shinto Offshoots: The New Religions Shinto and the Modern World Chapter 8. Judaism An Overview of Jewish History The Hebrew Bible Biblical History Cultural Conflict during the Second Temple Era The Development of Rabbinical Judaism Questioning and Reform Judaism and the Modern World Jewish Belief Religious Practice Divisions within Contemporary JudaismJewish Identity and the Future of JudaismChapter 9. Christianity The Life and Teachings of JesusEarly Christian Beliefs and History The Early Spread of Christianity Influences on Christianity at the End of the Roman Empire The Eastern Orthodox Church Christianity in the Middle AgesThe Protestant Reformation The Development of Christianity Following the Protestant Reformation Christian Practice Christianity and the ArtsChristianity Faces the Modern WorldChapter 10. Islam The Life and Teachings of Muhammad Essentials of Islam The Historical Development of Islam Sufism: Islamic Mysticism Islamic Law and Philosophy Islam and the Arts Islam and the Modern WorldChapter 11. Alternative Paths Origins of New Religions Contemporary Paganism: Wicca and Druidism Religions of the Yoruba Tradition: Santería, Voodoo, CandombléTheosophy Scientology Falun Gong Cao Dai Rastafarianism Baha'i New Religious Movements: A Special Role Chapter 12. The Modern Search Modern Influences on the Future of Religion The Recurring Challenge of Change Environmentalism: A Religious Phenomenon? Eclectic SpiritualityAnswer KeyNotes Credits IndexIn each chapter: First EncounterRelated Readings Key Terms
Experiencing the World's Religions, 7th Edition, examines the practices and beliefs of major religions. It focuses on how religions shape both individuals and whole cultures. It also describes, in both text and illustrations, the art and architecture of the major religions. Narratives of the author's experiences help readers to experience religions first hand. The book is written in the graceful and thought-provoking style of Michael Molloy, a scholar of religious studies.

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Autor: Michael Molloy
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