Organizations: Behavior, Structure, Processes

Irwin Management
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PART ONE Introduction

1 Managing Effective Organizations

2 Organizational Culture

3 Managing Globally

PART TWO Behavior within Organizations: The Individual

4 Individual Behavior and Differences

5 Motivation: Background and Theories

6 Motivation: Organizational Applications

7 Managing Workplace Stress

PART THREE Behavior within Organizations: Groups and Interpersonal In¿uence

8 Group and Team Behavior

9 Con¿ict and Negotiation

10 Power and Politics

11 Leadership: Fundamentals

12 Leadership: Emerging Perspectives

PART FOUR The Structure and Design of Organizations

13 Work Design

14 Organization Structure

PART FIVE The Processes of Organizations

15 Managing Communication

16 Decision Making

17 Managing Organizational Change and Learning

APPENDIX A Procedures and Techniques for Studying Organizations: Behavior, Structure, Processes

The Fourteenth Edition of the award-winning Organizations: Behavior, Structure, Processes is based on the idea that managing people, structure, and processes in organizations is a challenging, compelling, and crucial set of tasks. This book illustrates how organizational behavior theory leads to research and how both theory and research provide the basic foundation for practical applications in business ¿rms, hospitals, educational institutions, government agencies, and other organizations. Readers are given the opportunity to look inside these organizations and to develop their own perspective and skills for managing organizational behavior. In recognition of its educational effectiveness, in 2005 the book received the Text and Academic Authors Association's McGuffey Longevity Award.
Autor: James L. Gibson, John M. Ivancevich, Robert Konopaske
James L. Gibson is Department chair of Univ. of Kentuckys Department of Management. Research areas include organizational behavior and development.

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Autor: James L. Gibson
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