Essentials of Business Law

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Part ONEIntroduction to Law1.Our System of Law2.Ethics and the Law3.Criminal Law4.Tort Law5.Administrative LawPart TWOContracts6.Introduction to Contracts7.Offer and Acceptance8.Mutual Agreement9.Consideration10.Competent Parties11.Legal Purpose of Contracts12.Form of Contracts13.Operation of Contracts14.Discharge of ContractsPart THREESales, Agency, and Business Organizations15.Transfer of Title16.Sales17.Warranties18.Agency19.Business OrganizationsPart FOURCommercial Paper20.Introduction to Commercial Paper21.Transfer and Discharge of Commercial PaperPart FIVEProperty22.Real and Personal Property23.Bailments24.Landlord-Tenant Relations25.Wills, Intestacy, and TrustsPart SIXBusiness and Technology26.Intellectual Property27.Computer Privacy and Speech28.Conducting Business in CyberspacePart SEVENLegal Environment of Business29.The Employer-Employee Relationship30.Employment Law31.Product Liability32.Professionals' Liability33.International Business Law34.Business and the Environment
The seventh edition of Essentials of Business Law retains all of the strengths of past editions but has been revised and enhanced to cover the latest developments in the legal field. This text will help you discover a wealth of information and learning opportunities that will give a clear understanding of business law topics. This text will also help to identify, explain, and apply the principles of business law in your daily lives and in the larger world in which you live. .

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