Introduction to Information Systems, Loose Leaf

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MODULE I Foundation Concepts1. Foundations of Information Systems in Business 2. Competing with Information Technology MODULE II Information Technologies3. Computer Hardware4. Computer Software 5. Data Resource Management 6. Telecommunications and Networks Module III e-Business Applications7. e-Business Systems 8. Business Across the Enterprise 9. e-Commerce Systems 10. Supporting Decision Making MODULE IV Development Processes11. Business/IT Strategies for Development 12. Implementing Business/IT SolutionsMODULE V Management Challenges13. Security and Ethical Challenges 14. Enterprise and Global Management of Information Technology Review Quiz Answers Selected References Glossary for Business Professionals Name Index Company Index Subject Index
The benchmark text for the syllabus organized by technology (a week on databases, a week on networks, a week on systems development, etc.) taught from a managerial perspective. O'Brien defines technology and then explains how companies use the technology to improve performance. Real world cases finalize the explanation.
Autor: George M. Marakas, James A. O'Brien
James A. O'Brien completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Hawaii and Gonzaga University and earned an MS and PhD in Business Administration from the University of Oregon. He has been professor and coordinator of the CIS area at Northern Arizona University, professor of Finance and Management Information Systems and chairman of the Department of Management at Eastern Washington University, and a visiting professor at the University of Alberta, the University of Hawaii, and Central Washington University. Jim's research interests lie in developing and testing basic conceptual frameworks used in information systems development and management. He has written eight books, including several that have been published in multiple editions. He has also contributed to the field of information systems through the publication of many articles in business and academic journals, as well as through his participation in academic and industry associations in the field of information systems.

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Autor: George M. Marakas
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