Introduction to the Worlds Oceans

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1The History of Oceanography

2The Water Planet

3Plate Tectonics

4The Sea Floor and Its Sediments

5The Physical Properties of Water

6The Chemistry of Seawater

7The Structure and Motion of the Atmosphere

8Circulation and Ocean Structure

9The Surface Currents

10The Waves

11The Tides

12Coasts, Beaches, and Estuaries

13Environmental Issues and Concerns

14The Living Ocean

15Production and Life

16The Plankton: Drifters of the Open Ocean

17The Nekton: Free Swimmers of the Sea

18The Benthos: Dwellers of the Sea Floor





An Introduction to the World's Oceans, Tenth Edition, is an introductory oceanography text intended for students without a background in mathematics, chemistry, physics, geology, or biology. It emphasizes the role of basic scientific principles in helping understand the processes that govern the ocean and the earth. To keep the text as current as possible, the authors conduct their own research and examine other findings such as analyzing satellite data and large-scale oceanographic programs. From this vast amount of data, they select interesting, relevant, and understandable examples that illustrate contemporary principles of oceanography.
Autor: Keith A. Sverdrup, Virginia Armbrust
Keith Sverdrup is a professor at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

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Autor: Keith A. Sverdrup
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