Basics of Engineering Economy

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Chapter 1 Foundations of Engineering EconomyChapter 2 Factors: How Time and Interest Effect MoneyChapter 3 Nominal and Effective Interest RatesChapter 4 PresentWorth AnalysisChapter 5 Annual Worth AnalysisChapter 6 Rate of Return AnalysisChapter 7 Benefit/Cost Analysis and Public Sector ProjectsChapter 8 Breakeven, Sensitivity and Payback AnalysisChapter 9 Replacement and Retention DecisionsChapter 10 Effects of InflationChapter 11 Estimating CostsChapter 12 Depreciation MethodsChapter 13 After-tax Economic AnalysisChapter 14 Alternative Evaluation Considering Multiple Attributes and RiskAppendix A: Using Spreadsheets and Microsoft ExcelAppendix B: Accounting Reports and Business RatiosAppendix C: Final Answers to Selected Problems
This text covers the basic techniques and applications of engineering economy for all disciplines in the engineering profession.

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Autor: Leland T. Blank
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