Object-Oriented Software Engineering: An Agile Unified Methodology

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Part 1 - Introduction and System Engineering
Object-Oriented Software Engineering: An Agile Unified Methodology, presents a step-by-step methodology - that integrates Modeling and Design, UML, Patterns, Test-Driven Development, Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, and Agile Principles throughout the life cycle. The overall approach is casual and easy to follow, with many practical examples that show the theory at work. The author uses his experiences as well as real-world stories to help the reader understand software design principles, patterns, and other software engineering concepts. The book also provides stimulating exercises that go far beyond the type of question that can be answered by simply copying portions of the text.
Autor: David C. Kung
David Kung is a Full Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington. He is also the Director of the Software Engineering Program and the Software Engineering Research Center. He received his BS in Mathematics from Beijing University, and his MS and PhD in Computer Science from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (now Norwegian University of Science and Technology), Trondheim, Norway. His research area is Software Engineering. His research interests include methodologies for agile as well as plan-driven development, object-oriented software testing, and software security. His research is supported by many companies and funding agencies.

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Autor: David C. Kung
ISBN-13 :: 9780073376257
ISBN: 0073376256
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