Choosing Success in Community College and Beyond

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Chapter 1: Deciding on Your First Steps

Chapter 2: Choices within Your College Community

Chapter 3: Deciding to Know Yourself

Chapter 4: Choosing Your Goals for College and Life

Chapter 5: Deciding to Manage Your Time Well

Chapter 6: Choosing to Succeed in Class and Online Courses

Chapter 7: Choosing to Read Actively

Chapter 8: Decisions about Study and Test-Taking

Chapter 9: Making Choices about Today's Technology

Chapter 10: Making Good Financial Decisions

Chapter 11: Choosing Health

Chapter 12: Choosing Your Career

Meets the needs of occupational students at two-year institutions. This title emphasizes accountability and conveys to students how important they are in their own success. It provides students with a process for decision-making as well as numerous opportunities to think through the choices and decisions they face as a college student and beyond.

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Autor: Rhonda Atkinson
ISBN-13 :: 9780073375182
ISBN: 0073375187
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