Essentials of World Regional Geography

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1 Essentials of World Regional Geography
2 Europe
3 Russia and Neighboring Countries
4 East Asia
5 Southeast Asia
6 South Asia
7 Northern Africa and Southwestern Asia
8 Africa South of the Sahara
9 Australia, Oceania and Antarctica
10 Latin America
11 North America
This shorter version of the highly successful Contemporary World Regional Geography, 3e gives readers a fresh new approach that combines fundamental geographical elements, internal regional diversity, and contemporary issues. This approach allows serious discussion of cultural and environmental issues, as well as political and economic issues. The main innovation in this completely rewritten text is in the ordering of the material covered. While other texts cut photos, illustrations, and boxed material from their WRG books, this essentials version is a completely rewritten text by the authors of Contemporary World Regional Geography, 3e.
Autor: George W. White, Joseph P. Dymond, Elizabeth Chacko
George W. White grew up inOakland, California. He pursued
graduate work in Eugene, Oregon,
completing a Ph.D. at the
University of Oregon. He then
moved to Frostburg.

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Autor: George W. White
ISBN-13 :: 9780073369334
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