Laboratory Studies in Animal Diversity

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The new 3rd edition of Laboratory Studies in Animal Diversity, is the updated version of the 1st edition, which was a 1995 copyright. Many taxonomic changes have occurred in the 7 years since the 1st edition was published, so quite a bit of updating will appear in this 3rd edition. The diversity of life chapters are still in the same sequence as in the 1st edition, although the ecology chapter is now in the front instead of the back of the manual.. . The exercises in this 3rd edition of Laboratory Studies in Animal Diversity have been derived directly from the larger Integrated Principles of Zoology, 10th edition lab manual by Hickman/Kats. In addition to many taxonomic updates and a more appealing and colorful book design, you will notice several changes from the 1st edition to this 3rd edition..

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Autor: Jr. Hickman
ISBN-13 :: 9780072518832
ISBN: 0072518839
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