Environmental Science: A Study of Interrelationships [With Online Access Code]

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Part One. Interrelatedness. 1. Environmental Interrelationships. 2. Environmental Ethics. 3. Risk and Cost: Elements of Decision Making. Part Two. Ecological Principles and Their Application. 4. Interrelated Scientific Principles: Matter, Energy and Environment. 5. Interactions: Environment and Organisms. 6. Kinds of Ecosystems and Communities. 7. Population Principles. 8. Human Population Issues. Part Three. Energy 9. Energy and Civilization: Patterns of Consumption. 10. Energy Sources. 11. Nuclear Energy: Benefits and Risks. Part Four. Human Influences on Ecosystems. 12. Human Impact on Resources and Ecosystems. 13. Land-Use Planning. 14. Soil and Its Uses. 15. Agricultural Methods and Pest Management. 16. Water Management. Part Five. Pollution and Policy. 17. Air Pollution. 18. Solid Waste Management and Disposal. 19. Regulating Hazardous Materials. 20. Environmental Policy and Decision Making. Appendix 1. Critical Thinking. Appendix 2. Metric Unit Conversion Tables. Appendix 3. The Periodic Table of the Elements. Appendix 4. What You Can Do to Make the World a Better Place. Appendix 5. How to Write to Your Elected Officials.
In this full-colour, introductory environmental science text, the approach and reading level cover the basic concepts without overloading students with too much detail. The central theme of the text is interrelatedness. The authors identify major issues and give appropriate examples.

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