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Michael J. Etzel
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Part I The Field of Marketing
1. Overview of Marketing
2. The Dynamic Marketing Environment
3. Global Markets and Marketing
Part II. Target Markets
4. Consumer Markets & Buying Behavior
5. Business Markets & Buying Behavior
6. Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
7. Marketing Research and Market Information
Part III. Product
8. Product Planning and Development
9. Product-Mix Strategies
10. Brands, Packaging, and Other Product Features
11. Services and Not-for-Profit Offerings
Part IV. Price
12. Price Determination
Appendix A Marketing Math
13. Pricing Strategyies
Part V. Distribution
14. Channels of Distribution
15. Retailing
16. Wholesaling and Physical Distribution
Part VI. Promotion
17. Integrated Marketing Communications
18. Personal Selling and Sales Management
19. Advertising, Sales Promotion, Public Relations and Direct Marketing
Part VII. Managing the Marketing Effort
20. Marketing Strategy Planning
21. Marketing Implementation and evaluation
22. Marketing and Technology
Appendix B -- Careers in Marketing
Etzel, Walker, Stanton's Marketing, 12th Edition will continue to be a low-cost alternative in a paperback format, now including free access to PowerWeb. It incorporates technology throughout; in-text and boxed examples, chapter opening cases, and part-ending cases. This book was the first to incorporate WWW addresses and in this edition the authors go well beyond that with an in-depth look at how companies are making technology an important part of their successful marketing strategies. The authors have also made it a priority to integrate other important and current themes such as global marketing, customer relationships, small business and entrepreneurship. In this edition, the global marketing chapter was moved to the first part of the book (chapter 3) to introduce its importance early. Global examples and coverage are then integrated throughout. This edition offers a completely new design, a revised supplements package, a new interactive web page and a special package with Annual Edition online.

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