Nothing Is Impossible: 7 Steps to Realize Your True Power and Maximize Your Results

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Tom Oliver
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Foreword by Jez Frampton xvPreface: My Personal Story xviiIntroduction xxiFAQ-Is This Book for You? xxiHow to Use This Book xxiiiWhy You Need This Book xxivStep 1 Define Your Destination 1Every Journey Needs a Destination-The Power of YourPersonal Vision 1Learn from Creative Artists to Find Your True Passion 8How to Find Your Ideal in All Areas of Your Life 13Set Goals That Really Work and Accomplish EverythingYou've Ever Dreamed Of 22Look Where You Want to Go 28Step 2 Embrace Yourself 33Be One with Your Energy 33Flip It! 39Fun Leads to Your Greatest Successes 46Getting Things Right 51 Percent of the Time Is Enough:The Brazilian Surfer Meets the Monaco Millionaire 51Embrace Your Laziness to Succeed 55How to Do What You Love and End Up with More Time, Money,Focus, Energy, and Success in All Areas of Your Life 61The Big-Wave Surfer Meets Google-Use All Your Senses andSkyrocket to Success 71Your Happy Place-How to Find Paradise Wherever You Areand Turbocharge Your Energy 75Step 3 Learn from the Masters 81The Secret Success Formula: What Deepak Chopra,,and Richard Branson Have in Common 81The Champion's Attitude-The Secret of the Ones Who Finish First 87The Golden Rule: What the Dalai Lama Taught Me About Energy 91Role Models 94How to Exude Self-Confidence and Charisma Wherever You Go:Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices 98Step 4 Harness Your Creative Power 105A Poem a Day Keeps Foreclosure Away: How Creativity CanHelp You Unleash Your True Power 105How to Kill Perfectionism and Get Everything Done You'veEver Dreamed Of-and More! 111The Zone: A State of Peak Performance Where Your BestWork Happens with Ease 118The Invisible Hands: The Secret Behind the Creative Process 125The Invisible Radio-Where the World's Greatest Artists(and You!) Get the Best Ideas 131Step 5 Embrace Change 141First the Decision, Then the Prize-How to Create theIdeal Circumstances 141The Power of Doing Nothing 144Life Is Abundance 148Sharon Stone and Kung Fu Balance 155Your Hour of Power 161Step 6 Overcome Your Challenges 169Overcome Self-Doubt for Good and Skyrocket to Success 169How to Turn Every Failure into Victory 174Criticism: Heed It or Beat It? 181Change Is Your Friend 186How to Remove Fear from Your Dictionary and Live Life Unconditionally 192Step 7 Cooperate for Success 201Life Is Based on Cooperation 201Peace-The Undervalued Currency in Business and Life 204Happiness in 15 Minutes 207How to Create a Worldwide Network from Scratch, with No BigName and No Cash 209How to Find the Ideal Partners in Business and in Life: Never Settlefor Second Best 217Hire or Fire? The Polarity Principle of Relationships, orHow to Find the Best People to Work With 224Suggested Reading: The Few Books That Really Matter 231Bonus Material 237Acknowledgments 239Index 245
Tom Oliver has shared his extraordinary secrets with Bono, Richard Branson, the Dalai Lama, and Deepak Chopra.Now he shares them with you.

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