Commercial Aviation Safety

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Clarence C. Rodrigues
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Presenting current practice and procedures from all major air traffic and regulatory agencies, this book covers the entire commercial aviation safety system-from human safety to accident investigation.
Commercial Aviation Safety, Fifth Edition greatly expands the focus of the Fourth Edition to include the international and Safety Management Systems (SMS) knowledge required by today's aviation safety professional. Most aviation safety-related texts cover only issues related to the FAA and NTSB. However, as a practicing professional in the aviation field, one must also be knowledgeable about ICAO, SMS, OSHA, and EPA. This book delivers on this need. Offering a comprehensive analysis on the entire aviation safety system, this authoritative guide provides a broad understanding of aviation safety for students entering the field, and serves as a handy reference for the practicing aviation safety professional.
Chapter 1. The Regulatory FrameworkChapter 2. Regulatory Organization and RulemakingChapter 3. The National Transportation Safety BoardChapter 4. Recording and Reporting of Safety DataChapter 5. Review of Safety StatisticsChapter 6. Accident Causation ModelsChapter 7. Human Factors in Aviation SafetyChapter 8. Air Traffic Safety SystemsChapter 9. Aircraft Safety SystemsChapter 10. Airport SafetyChapter 11. Aviation SecurityChapter 12. Airline SafetyChapter 13. Aviation Safety Management SystemsIndex
Presenting the latest procedures and standards from U.S. and international air traffic and regulatory agencies, this extensively revised resource covers the entire commercial aviation safety system--from human factors to accident investigation. The introduction of Safety Management Systems (SMS) principles by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is discussed in detail.

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