Discover Your CEO Brand: Secrets to Embracing and Maximizing Your Unique Value as a Leader

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Suzanne Bates
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An expert CEO coach shares her proven methods that help business leaders discover their unique leadership brand and use it to propel themselves to the highest level in their field
Chapter 1: Discover Your CEO Brand! Gain Competitive Advantage in your Marketplace and Stand Out Chapter 2: Powerful Outer CEO Brands: What You Can Learn from Steve Jobs, Meg Whitman and Warren Buffet Chapter 3: YOU Are the Brand! So Do Something! Strategies for Getting Out of Your Office and Connecting with Your Markets Chapter 4: Surviving the Spotlight on the Global Stage: Corporate CEOs and C-Level Executives Face Down the World's Toughest Audiences Chapter 5: What's Your Story: How to Connect with Customers, Prospects, Employees, and the Media with Authentic, Signature Stories Chapter 6: Savvy Evolving Media Strategies for the Outer CEO: The World is Changing! so You Need to Change Too Chapter 7: Social Media and the CEO Brand: Why You MUST Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Link In to be a Presence in a Bewildering New World Chapter 8: Calendar Management: Leading Your Company Inside and Out! While Finding Time for a Life, Too! Chapter 9: You Need a Coach: How to Use Trusted Partners to Build Winning Brands Chapter 10: The Inner Circle of the Outer CEO: Surrounding Yourself with People Who Insure You Succeed as You Venture Onto the Stage Chapter 11: Minding the Gap: What to Do When Your CEO Brand is Out of Sync with Your Inner Image Chapter 12: From Fantasy to Reality: Your Roadmap to Success
Ride your personal brand to the highest level in your field!

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