Semiconductor Heterojunctions and Nanostructures

Nanoscience & Technology
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1. Introduction to Quantum Mechanics; 2. Potential Barriers and Wells; 3. Electronic Energy Levels in a Periodic Potential; 4. Tunneling Through Potential Barriers; 5. Distribution Functions and Density of States: Bulk, Quantum Wells, Quantum Wires, and Quantum Dots; 6. Optical Properties; 7. Electrical and Transport Properties; 8. Growth of Quantum Dotes; Growth Techniques and Issues; Structural Characterizations; 9. Electronic Devices based on quantum wells and dots, to include: interband resonant tunneling diodes and circuits; Coulomb Blockade, HBTs, HFETs, HEMTs, Single electron transistor; 10. Optoelectronic Devices Based on Quantum Wells and Dots, to include: LEDs, phototransistors, photodetectors, photodiodes, quantum cascade lasers, multijunction solar cells; Appendices to include: Hydrogen Atom; Phonons; Fermi Golden Rule; Experimental Techniques; Semiconductor Parameters; (tables related to effective masses, band gaps, elastic constants, and many other parameters); Reference; Index.
This comprehensive text is aimed at graduate level students and researchers, breaking down the complexities of fabrication, use, and maintenance of heterojunctions. Topics include: introduction to quantum mechanics, Potential barriers and wells, electronic energy levels in periodic potentials, tunneling through potential barriers, distribution functions and density of states, optical properties of interband and intersubband transitions, electrical properties, techniques and measurements, growth issues, devices: Detectors and emitters.
Autor: Omar Manasreh, Manasreh Omar
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Autor: Omar Manasreh
ISBN-13 :: 9780071452281
ISBN: 0071452281
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