Miller's Guide Foundations & Sitework

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Get the three "T's" for Site selection, Footing choices, and foundation planning by letting the experts show you how to use proper tools, tips, techniques, and materials. The essential resource you need for people who want to build from the ground up.
Starting The Job (Planning)Preparing the Site - Clearing, Leveling, and Excavating Laying the Footing Preparing the Foundation Concrete Mixing, Rebar, and Cables, Preparing Forms Pouring Concrete Slabs Pouring Concrete Floors Allowances Made for Plumbing and Wiring Preparing for Blocks; Preparing Foundations for Bricks, and Stonework Site Improvements- Sidewalks, Walkways, and Driveways Foundations for walls - fences - Steps and Entrances
Essential information taking the user beyond the three titles already available with IN THE HOUSE Information (Wiring the Home, Plumbing The Home, and Home Remodeling). For those who want to work ON THE HOUSE, starts from scratch like selecting the site or lot, choosing the footings, and the type of foundation to fit the type of house preferred or being plan. For people who want to build from the ground up, or at the same time, includes those who are still mentally planning to build. For those who want to figure how to repair certain things about the foundation, footing, and why the site is or is not suitable. From starting the job to completion, including real examples offered for nearly every application. Provides essential information needed to plan, manage and complete the job. Tip boxes included throughout.
Autor: Rex Miller, Mark R. Miller
Mark R. Miller (Tyler, Texas) is Professor of Industrial Technology and coordinator of that section of the Department of HRD & Technology at the University of Texas at Tyler. Dr. Miller teaches courses in construction for future middle managers and has authored or co-authored more than 35 technical books and many technical articles.

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