Transformers: Design, Manufacturing, and Materials

Professional Engineering
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Chapter 1: IntroductionChapter 2: Principles of TransformersChapter 3: Materials Used in TransformersChapter 4: Magnetic CircuitsChapter 5: Windings and InsulationChapter 6: Voltage Regulation and TapchangersChapter 7: Electromagnetic Forces in Power TransformersChapter 8: Cooling ArrangementsChapter 9: Design ProcedureChapter 10: Structural Design of Transformer Tankschapter 11: Transformer Auxiliaries and Oil Preservation SystemsChapter 12: Manufacturing and AssemblyChapter 13: Drying and ImpregnationChapter 14: TestingChapter 15: Power Transformer StandardsChapter 16: Loading and Life TransformersChapter 17: Erection and CommissioningChapter 18: Transformer ProtectionChapter 19: ReactorsChapter 20: Traction TransformersChapter 21: Rectifier TransformersChapter 22: Controller ShuntChapter 23: Designing and Manufacturing a Short-Circuit-Proof TransformerChapter 24: High Voltage Condenser BushingsChapter 25: Computerization Chapter 26: Condition MonitoringChapter 27: Solved Examples
Transformers of all sizes are at the core of every electrical power grid
Autor: Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited
Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited (BHAT) is India's largest power equipment manufacturer. It has 14 manufacturing units, 4 power sector regional centers, 8 service centers and 18 regional offices, as well as project sites spread across India and the globe.

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Autor: Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited
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