Improving Primary Care: Strategies and Tools for a Better Practice

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Preface Acknowledgments The Primary Care Home What is Primary Care? Why Primary Care? The Value of a Primary Care Home The Endangered Primary Care Home Can Primary Care Fulfill its Vision? Putting the Primary Care House in Order Building the New Practice Model Is the New Practice Model Feasible? What is Patient-Centered Care? Patient-Centered Care in the Patient-Clinician Encounter Patient-Centered Care in the Primary Care Microsystem Patient-Centered Care in the Health Care Macrosystem Patient-Centered Care Meets Cultural Competence Barriers to Patient-Centered Care Conclusion: Patient-Centered Care is a Partnership The Chronic Care Model Implementing the Chronic Care Model Do Chronic Care Model Components Improve Clinical Outcomes? Does the Chronic Care Model Save Money? Changing Primary Care to Incorporate the Chronic Care Model Conclusion Traditional Versus Collaborative Relationships Implementing Self-management Support in Clinical Practice: the 5 A's Conclusion Three Access Models for Primary Care Case Studies of Advanced Access Research on Advanced Access Confronting Problems How to Begin Group Visits Virtual Encounters Conclusion The Roles of Electronic Health Care Techies and Luddites The Benefits of Computerization Conclusion Groups and Teams A Brief History of Primary Care Teams in the United States Two Contemporary Primary Care Teams Building Teams Research Studies on Primary Care Teams The Problems with Teams Introducing Teams into Primary Care What is a Microsystem? Diagnosing the Primary Care Microsystem Treating the Primary Care Microsystem Conclusion The Primary Care Specialty Income Gap The Key Role of Volume Fee-for-Service Payment and the New Practice Model What Could be done to Change the Situation? Some Organizations and Resources Demonstrating Innovative Primary Care Practices Assessing your Practice Diagnosing Problems in your Practice Primary Care Patient Survey Primary Care Staff Satisfaction Survey Resources on Cultural Competence Health Literacy Office Visit Cycle Time Interruptions in the Day's Work Group Visit Starter Kit Resources Available from Improving Chronic Illness Care Patient Assessment of Chronic Care Self-management Support Tools Self-management Support Assessment Review of Evidence on the Chronic Care Model Review of Evidence on Primary Care Teams Index
The authors of the world's best-selling health policy text offer valuable insights and guidance to primary care practitionersA Doody's Core Title!
"Improving Primary Care" offers frank appraisals and concrete recommendations for primary care practitioners on how to meet the huge, stress-inducing, challenges that they face on a daily basis. The authors offer innovative approaches and suggestions to dealing with primary care issues ranging from the latest electronic technologies to non-traditional options for the patient-physician encounter.
Autor: Thomas S. Bodenheimer, Kevin Grumbach
Author Profile: Thomas S. Bodenheimer, MD Clinical Professor Department of Family & Community Medicine University of California, San Francisco

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Autor: Thomas S. Bodenheimer
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