Fetology: Diagnosis and Management of the Fetal Patient

Diagnosis and Management of the Fetal Patient
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PrefacesAcknowledgmentsPart I:IntroductionChapter 1:Prenatal ImagingChapter 2:First Trimester Screening for AneuploidyChapter 3:Second Trimester Screening for AneuploidyChapter 4:Prenatal Diagnostic ProceduresChapter 5:Fetal InterventionPart II:Management of Fetal Conditions Diagnosed by SonographySection A:Central Nervous SystemChapter 6:Agenesis of the Corpus CallosumChapter 7:AnencephalyChapter 8:Arachnoid CystChapter 9:Cerebral CalcificationsChapter 10:CraniosynostosisChapter 11:Dandy-Walker Malformation and VariantsChapter 12:EncephaloceleChapter 13:Exencephaly/AcraniaChapter 14:HoloprosencephalyChapter 15:HydranencephalyChapter 16:HydrocephalusChapter 17:Intracranial HemorrhageChapter 18:MacrocephalyChapter 19:MyelomeningoceleChapter 20:MicrocephalyChapter 21:PorencephalyChapter 22:Vein of Galen AneurysmSection B:CraniofacialChapter 23:Cleft Lip and Cleft PalateChapter 24:Hemifacial MicrosomiaChapter 25:HypertelorismChapter 26:HypotelorismChapter 27:MacroglossiaChapter 28:Micrognathia and AgnathiaChapter 29:Microphthalmia/AnophthalmiaSection C:NeckChapter 30:Congenital High Airway Obstruction SyndromeChapter 31:Cystic Hygroma in Early PregnancyChapter 32:Cystic Hygroma in Late PregnancyChapter 33:GoiterSection D:ThoracicChapter 34:Bronchopulmonary SequestrationChapter 35:Cystic Adenomatoid MalformationChapter 36:Other Cystic Lesions of the ChestChapter 37:Congenital Diaphragmatic HerniaChapter 38:HydrothoraxChapter 39:Pulmonary AgenesisChapter 40:Esophageal Atresia and Tracheoesophageal FistulaSection E:CardiovascularChapter 41:TachyarrhythmiasChapter 42:BradyarrhythmiasChapter 43:Atrial Septal DefectsChapter 44:Ventricular Septal DefectsChapter 45:Atrioventricular Canal DefectChapter 46:Ebstein AnomalyChapter 47:Hypoplastic Right VentricleChapter 48:Hypoplastic Left VentricleChapter 49:Pulmonary Stenosis and AtresiaChapter 50:Aortic StenosisChapter 51:Coarctation of the AortaChapter 52:Tetraology of FallotChapter 53:Double Outlet Right VentricleChapter 54:Truncus ArteriosusChapter 55:Transposition of Great ArteriesChapter 56:Heterotaxy SyndromeChapter 57:CardiomyopathyChapter 58:Intracardiac TumorsSection F:Abdominal-Wall DefectsChapter 59:Ectopia CordisChapter 60: Body-Stalk AnomalyChapter 61:Pentalogy of CantrellChapter 62:OmphaloceleChapter 63:GastroschisisChapter 64:Cloacal ExstrophyChapter 65:Bladder ExstrophySection G:Gastrointestinal TractChapter 66:Cystic Lesions of the AbdomenChapter 67: Choledochal CystChapter 68:Ovarian CystsChapter 69:Intra-abdominal Calcifications--HepaticChapter 70:Intra-abdominal CalcificationsChapter 71:Pyloric Atresia and StenosisChapter 72:Duodenal Atresia and SenosisChapter 73:Jejunoileal Atresia and StenosisChapter 74:Colonic AtresiaChapter 75:Hirschsprung's DiseaseChapter 76:Imperforate AnusSection H. Genitourinary TractChapter 77:Echogenic KidneysChapter 78:Multicystic Dysplastic KidneyChapter 79:Polycystic Kidney DiseaseChapter 80:Hydronephrosis: MinimalChapter 81:Hydronephrosis: Ureteropelvic Junction ObstructionChapter 82:Hydronephrosis: Bladder Outlet ObstructionChapter 83:Hydronephrosis: Ectopic UreteroceleChapter 84:Ambiguous GenitaliaChapter 85:Persistent CloacaChapter 86:Renal AgenesisChapter 87:SirenomeliaSection I:SkeletalChapter 88:HemivertebraeChapter 89:AchondroplasiaChapter 90:Thanatophoric DysplasiaChapter 91:Osteogenesis ImperfectaChapter 92:Campomelic DysplasiaChapter 93:Diastrophic DysplasiaChapter 94:Ellis-van Creveld SyndromeChapter 95:Short Rib Polydactyly SyndromeChapter 96:Jarcho-Levin SyndromeChapter 97:AchondrogenesisChapter 98:HypophosphatasiaChapter 99:Chondrodysplasia PunctataSection J:ExtremitiesChapter 100: Amniotic Band SyndromeChapter 101: ArthrogryposisChapter 102: ClinodactylyChapter 103: EctrodactylyChapter 104: PolydactylyChapter 105: SyndactylyChapter 106: Radial AplasiaChapter 107: ClubfootSection K:Umbilical CordChapter 108: Umbilical Cord AbnormalitiesChapter 109: Single Umbilical ArterySection L:TumorsChapter 110: Cervical TeratomaChapter 111: Liver TumorsChapter 112: Mesoblastic NephromaChapter 113: NeuroblastomaChapter 114: RetinoblastomaChapter 115: Sacrococcygeal TeratomaChapter 116: Wilms' TumorSection M:Multiple GestationChapter 117: Malformations in TwinsChapter 118: Intrauterine Death in One TwinChapter 119: Twin-to-Twin Transfusion SyndromeChapter 120: Twin Reversed Arterial Perfusion Sequence Chapter 121: Conjoined TwinsChapter 122: Monoamniotic TwinsSection N:Disorders of GrowthChapter 123: Intrauterine Growth RestrictionChapter 124: Overgrowth SyndromesSection O:Disorders of Amniotic Fluid VolumeChapter 125: OligohydramniosChapter 126: PolyhydramniosSection P:Hydrops FetalisChapter 127: Immune HydropsChapter 128: Nonimmune Hydrops FetalisPart III: Management of Fetal Chromosome AbnormalitiesChapter 129: Trisomy 13Chapter 130: Trisomy 18Chapter 131: Trisomy 21 (Down Syndrome)Chapter 132: TriploidyChapter 133: Other Autosomnal AneuploidiesChapter 134: 45, X (Turner Syndrome)Chapter 135: 47,XXY (Klinefelter Syndrome)Chapter 136: 47,XXX Karyotype (Triple X Syndrome, Trisomy X)Chapter 137: 47,XYY Chapter 138: Tetrasomy 12p (Pallister-Killian Syndrome)Chapter 139: 22q11.2 Deletion (DiGeorge Syndrome)Index
Synthesizes relevant, critically reviewed data for application to the diagnosis and treatment of prenatal patients. This book offers a cross-disciplinary approach that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of obstetrics, pediatrics, and surgery to help you diagnose and treat fetal patients.
Autor: Diana W. Bianchi, Timothy M. Crombleholme, Mary E. D' Alton, Fergal Malone
Diana W. Bianchi, MDProfessor of Pediatrics and Obstetrics & GynecologyTufts University School of Medicine

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Autor: Diana W. Bianchi
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