Be a Successful Building Contractor

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IntroductionChapter 1: Welcome to the Construction IndustryChapter 2: Getting Your Feet WetChapter 3: What Do You Want to Accomplish in Your Building Career?Chapter 4: Taking the PlungeChapter 5: Getting Organized and Ready to WorkChapter 6: 15 Mistakes Builders Make That You Can AvoidChapter 7: The Pros and Cons of Building Model HomesChapter 8: Courting BankersChapter 9: Selling Without Having a House to ShowChapter 10: Opening Your Own OfficeChapter 11: Finding the Best Building LotsChapter 12: Controlling Desirable Lots in Subdivisions Without Buying ThemChapter 13: Developing Your Own Building LotsChapter 14: Building on SpeculationChapter 15: Selling With Real Estate BrokersChapter 16: Managing Your Time and Your MoneyChapter 17: Adding a Computer to Your ToolboxChapter 18: Keeping Track of Your CashChapter 19: Trucks, Tools, Equipment, and InventoryChapter 20: Subcontractors, Suppliers, and Building OfficialsChapter 21: Bidding Methods That Really WorkChapter 22: Jobsite Safety Makes Good Sense and CentsChapter 23: Keeping Your Customers HappyChapter 24: Creating and Promoting an Attractive Business ImageChapter 25: Hiring EmployeesChapter 26: Planning Your FutureINDEX
Start and run your own profit-making building contractor business! The business savvy you need to set up and manage a profit-making enterprise!
Autor: R. Dodge Woodson
R. Dodge Woodson (Brunswick, ME) has over 20 years' experience as a home builder, contractor, master plumber, and real estate broker. He is the author of many McGraw-Hill books, including Be A Successful Building Contractor 2/e, and National Plumbing Codes Handbook 2/e.

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Autor: R. Dodge Woodson
ISBN-13 :: 9780071441742
ISBN: 0071441743
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