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Crisalida is a Chilean Progressive heavy-metal band, that does exist since 1997. With its self-titled album, jointly published by the Musea and Mylodon labels in the year 2006, the group now has its own ''Images and Words''! Ten songs and one instrumental piece reveals an exceptional cast of musicians, in a powerful and technical vein very much in Dream Theater's fans' tastes! Keyboards and guitar soli all over the place, incredible drumming, top-notch bass-playing, beautiful melodies, all enhanced by the splendid lyrical and expressive vocal parts coutesy of Cinthia Santibanez... All in all, the band has all it takes to follow the footsteps of another great fellow countryman: Matraz. Don't miss that band!

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Autor: Crisalida
ISBN-13 :: 3426300049018
ISBN: 6300049019
Erscheinungsjahr: 26.10.2012
Verlag: CMS GmbH / Bretzfeld
Sprache: Deutsch
Sonstiges: Audio-CD

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