Inner Spaces w.Jon Anderson

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Jean-Philippe RYKIEL may be the son of the famous fashion stylist Sonia RYKIEL, his fame in the music scenes owes all to his great talents. Born blind, he started to show them with CRYSTAL MACHINE, battling with his synthesisers against Tim BLAKE. Published on the Musea label in the year 2012, "Inner Spaces" gathers various tracks, recorded or re-recorded during all his career. Jean-Philippe says: "I wanted to share these memories of a time long gone, made of happiness and careness. These compositions were removed from my studios albums because of their variety of styles, and started to accumulate for years and years, until I realised they were all me ! Why shouldn't I introduce myself as I really am, multiple and open-minded ? From spacey Progressive rock to funk music, African rhythms to French melodies, jazz to Tibetan mantras, I'm feeding myself up with all, and all inspires me...". On the icing of the cake is "Close To You", the only sung-track here... By a certain Jon ANDERSON ! Recording with VANGELIS at that time, in the middle of the Eighties, the YES singer was kind enough to lend his voice. Just unmistakable!

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Autor: Jean Philippe Rykiel
ISBN-13 :: 3426300048981
ISBN: 6300048985
Erscheinungsjahr: 07.12.2012
Verlag: CMS GmbH / Bretzfeld
Sprache: Deutsch
Sonstiges: Audio-CD

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